Time comes when you just cry and cry ,
At that time you should tell yourself to again and again try.
Every diamond was earlier a coal ,
Do not limit yourself to just one role.
Rise up, rise up whenever you fall ,
those who demoralize you, you have to show them all.

when everything you possess ,
life appears like a bed of roses.
you have everyone as your friend ,
and happiness becomes your trend.

But when you are enveloped by problems,
you understand that on this bed of life there are more thorns than petals.
fair – weather friends are discovered.
true friends are the one who always cared.

Every dusk is followed by a dawn ,
Every autumn is followed by a spring.
Thus every failure is followed by success.

Courage is not to be shown,
when it is easy to show.
Brave is not the one who moves from light to light ,
but the one who moves from dark to light.Rise up ,

Rise up whenever you fall
Those who demoralize you , you have to show them all !!!!!!!

[Courtesy – Ridhi Rise up!!!(Poem), bishopclimate (Image) ]