Krushna Kulkarni's Blog.

"Never give up, rise up!


Welcome to my e-world!

Hey, I am talking about myself here!!!

I am Krushna (not a lord krushna). ; )

To tell me about something is really boring job (but, I like to bored everyone too) ; ) I am from a place where world’s most influence person honorable Bapu (Mahatama Gandhi) was born, that’s India.

I am a student who loves sport and cricket is my favorite sport. I started this site as my hobby. I like to share my experience and my thoughts here (because, I like to give lectures) ; )  It’s my personal blog (not so personal). ; )

I like talking on number of topics so much. (it’s only my job) ;  )

My favorite though was I read somewhere that is, “Never give up, rise up.” I run this blog also like this though. So please visit my blog and read it. (You will be never bored, It’s my guarantee.”  ; ) That’s all about me (I don’t want to bored you like others to tell me about myself so much) ; )

Wish me luck for my new adventure! (y)

Meet you soon with my lectures (lectures might be interesting with me and you changed your mind about lectures) : )

Thank you for stopping here and encouraging me to write more.

Don’t miss a chance to follow a celebrity. (that’s me) ; )

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