Welcome everyone!

I just Pulling the chair and sat down in the front of my laptop with a hot mug of coffee and I started to written on whatever comes in my mind. I just look at the white screen of my twiggly laptop (Twiggly it’s my laptop’s name) ; ) (I know it’s quite funny but, my laptop is real friend of me and I want a some name to called him so, “Twiggly”). 2 hours left to start on but, no single word I could wrote. (really blogging is tough).

So I think, why I should not write a welcome note to welcome everyone here???(It’s quite good and everyone likes this, right???)

Welcome my friends and my readers. I don’t have a quality of writing but, I tried to write on anything (but, not silly like others) ; ) here, you can read always something meaningful and interesting (like a ‘chatapatit bhel’ – Indians favorite).

So here is my first post. (not so good but, not so boring too) see you soon bloggers.

Please give me your feedback on this and If you have a experience like this whenever you start your blog then please share with me in comment box (please keep it short).

Thank you for wasting your time here ; ) (I hope you don’t blame for that, I am one who only wants to share my experience and whatever in my mind). Please visit again if you like.

Bye now! (I write so much for today and you will be bored to read silly thing like this) ; )

Stay connected!

[Image courtesy : Textgiraffe and  mightymuirhead]